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09.27.2012 , 01:16 PM | #66
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
Hey everyone, I wanted to post to clarify that this was an intentional change that unfortunately did not get documented in the patch notes. We've added the patch note (you can read the full patch notes here).

Here is the note:

We apologize for the confusion about this change!
Intentional change. Heh.

When you think there can't be anymore mistakes which are worse then ones already happened, Bioware proves you're wrong.

Is this really their way of handling people leaving WZs due to FP queues? I'm sorry but this is just poor thinking, like many other decisions they make.

Let's just compare an outcome of this "feature":

Positive effects: no more people leaving incompleted WZs when their FP invitation pops... but still there are people who leave incompleted WZs for many other reasons.

Negative effects: less people queueing for WZ's in general (who now have to wait for their FP queues doing nothing); MUCH less people queueing for FP's in general (especially on lower levels - i wouldn't be surprised if pre-50 FP runs will die out completely); less options to level up alts; poor selection of things to do on max level.

Great move, great move... shows that even now, 9 months after release, Bioware are still clueless in managing a MMO. They could at least announce this change on PTS in order to observe people's reaction, but even that wasn't done.

As for me, i'm not playing SWTOR anymore right now because of all new content in other game, but was planning to return when i more or less run out of things to do there. But now i'm not so sure... since there are less things to do in TOR also.

p.s. And i also like how this thread was moved into the PvE specific section of forum, so less people can see it. The topic is about a patch change involving interaction of PvE and PvP queues, not about some sort of a solely PvE thing. In my eyes it belongs to general section.