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I am really impressed by what you prolly consider everyday gameplay. I unfortunately do not have anything to add to the thread but I saw this and was taken aback by how difficult it would be for me if I was in your position. I prolly would have given up but seeing that you did not makes me feel better.

Please do not stop playing games be it TOR or any other although I can only imagine the difficulty. You have not let your disability affect you and your gaming and I for one take that to be a great example of overcoming adversity.

@BW, please make sure you address this asap. I know there is clamouring from the APAC community(even myself) about population and server merger and what not, but this issue needs to be on top of your list.
I echo the above. I am so highly impressed and I simply want to give you a hug! <3

@BW, I hope you get this fixed. That's dedication right there.
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