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I agree with you, the other melee classes/specs do get hosed in those circumstances worse and I have a lot of sympathy for that. However, that's where gap closers come in (except for Smugs/Agents - but they still have a decent ability or two that can still be used >10m outside their default shot AFAIK) and arguably harder hitting melee abilities used to work it all out in the end.
I agree that gap closers are great for those periods where you get disconnected and then have to reconnect with a boss. But a significant more about of dps loss occurs not during the time you're running back to a boss, it's happening when you're stuck at ranged for whatever reason (i.e. EC Tanks underneath the shields or stuck in the colored circle during Operator IX) and Marauders do 0 DPS to whatever a PT's dps is at 15+ meters.

That's what irks me.