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I would like to know that too...

But one thing I know is... as a trooper, if a marauder jump on me (even with gear that's worst than mine) with 3 or 4 hits i'll go down, because they have lots of defensive things and the leap as a gap closer.

Ok we have the harpoon, but that's one in around 45 sec ~ 1 min and it can jeopardize the attack that a fellow force user may be doing against another melee enemy because you wouldn't be getting close to the enemy (you >>> to >>> enemy) but instead you would be "taking" it away from your ally and then finishing his strike to the enemy.

To soften this problem with gap, I do agree that if those abilities keep nerfed in range we need Storm (Jet Charge) to close the gap.
I'm not as concerned about the PvP aspect. In 3 or 4 hits you will definitely not go down with equally geared toons, trust me, I know. It takes more than that for any 1v1. However, in the PvP aspect in a 1v1 PT's make up for their lack of defensive cd's by walking around in Heavy Armor and having insane burst damage.

But my concern is more to do with PvE, and the fact that PT's have the highest dps when staying connected to a boss and then having a decent % of damage at range isn't fair at all. In fact, it's still not fair, tbh.

At Melee: PT DPS > Marauder DPS
At Ranged: PT DPS > Marauder DPS
At AoE: PT DPS > Marauder DPS

Number of Roles each class can fill in an operation: PT (2) > Marauder (1)