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09.27.2012 , 12:22 PM | #62
I'm of mixed feelings about the changes. I do agree that pt's needed some sort of nerf in particular for pvp, but thought they were performing pretty much spot on for pve (yes, I do play one who is nearly min/maxed). The reason I say they were correct for pve is, although they do lots of damage (somewhere on par with a marauder and sniper although I'm not sure of the exact metrics) they have more difficult resource management as their primary method for managing resources is the on-proc free rail shot which can be victim to unlucky rng. If heat got too high early in a boss fight, you end up spamming rapid shot until it reaches lower levels if vent eat is on cd, dropping their dps. They lack the mobility, party buffs, and defensive cool downs of a marauder.

Personally, I thought simply lowering the range on TD/AP (and keeping the shared cd) would have been sufficient for fixing pt/vanguards. This would limit the ranged opening burst, but still provide the ranged opener to proc rail shot, the only other mobile ranged skill apart from rapid shot. While removing the shared cool down with electro dart does help alleviate some of the issues the changes present, the playstyle did feel clunkier when I played today. Even doing end of torvix today, the elite enemies (forget what they're called) we're constantly knocking me back out of 10m range, causing dps loss. Bosses with large knockbacks like annihilation droid can nearly halt pt dps for extended periods. For pvp ranged and kiting classes like Sorc and sniper seem like a direct coubter to these classes with roots stuns and escapes.

For pve the changes are definitely workable and I doubt or dps will be substantially hurt, but for pvp I agree this may need to be looked at more.