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09.27.2012 , 12:22 PM | #29
like many ppl im losing patients, tomorrow is payday and im getting MoP and resubbing to WoW. and before ppl try to bash me saying WoW is no better i have played wow since 1 week after its launch and they wouldnt break so many things with there patches, and if they did break something thier fix actually fixed it and didnt cause more issues. im considering keeping my sub going till the F2P switch incase i feel like playing again after F2P hits and have all the bonus CC to spend, but im pretty sure its just going to be a waste of $30.

also ESO looks promising but thats about a year away, then you have Titan peaking its ugly head out and as long as that isnt like Reachs multiplayer (assuming Titan is a Halo MMO) then it should be ok.

i guess my point is there are alot of choices out there and im not wasting anymore of my time waiting for BW to pull thier heads from thier collective rears.

i had high hopes for this game, and loved that DE (or was it JO) had said this is our game and they made it for us, well that clearly is not the case since they dont listen to a word from the players, and i dont mean the 1 or 2 ppl on the suggestion forums that ask for something off the wall or game breaking like dual wielding double sided sabers. i mean like half the community asking for same gender romance and basically being ignored for a year, that is one example that shows this is not our game and they dont give a flying rats bottom what we want.

thats one thing i really like about Blizzard they had a dev (forgot which one) go on the WoW forums and say something along the lines of "this is out game we will do what we want" they are upfront not trying to pull the wool over our eyes like EAware.