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Not sure if this was meant sarcastically...but I hope so.

I pretty much never PvP, since I don't really enjoy it. But almost everybody I know in game agrees that PvPing makes players BETTER in PvE (although you PvPers love your knockbacks a bit too much!) And except for LI, those HM FPs and SM ops available in the LFG can be completed easily by people wearing level 49 blues so PvP gear would be fine.

Besides, most PvP players keep their PvE gear on hand so they can change into it immediately.

Quote: Originally Posted by Monoth View Post
I will agree with you on one point, PVP does make Healers better PvE players.... As for the others, Gotta say nope, DPS pvp players have a tendency not to wait for tanks in PvE because there so used to charging in with reckless abandonment... And most PvP players who are tanks seem to forget they have taunt buttons and always want to wear DPS gear....

Now i'm mostly talking about people who PvP 90% of the time and only PvE 10% (usually FP's).... People who split it 50/50 are usually good at both and have appropriate gear for both....


You just hit the nail right on the head to further dignify what I said in my previous post. Thank you.
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