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I have had no drops from the game, so... sorry... not my experience. This MMO, for me, has been the most stable I have played in a long time on my comp. But I acknowledge that there are a zillion different comp configurations and other subtlties that can pop a game breaker for a particular player. Only way to avoid that would be to never patch or change anything.
While all of this may be true. I am also having a lot of problems with SWTOR (stuttering etc.) after patch 1.4. I will also say that prior to 1.4 I had NO problems. I will also add that I have never had any performance problems with any other MMORPG prior to SWTOR. This leads me to believe that SWTOR is most likely the culprit; specifically patch 1.4. While I can prove no direct causality, I do view patch 1.4 as highly suspect.