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Unless the game randomly freezes and drops you and you have to log in again. Seriously, last night I had to log back in 5 times over the course of a 4 hour play session. That, IMO, is nigh unplayable.

And btw, my Shadows are turned off.

I said working as spected...

But that doesn't mean crashing like crazy,
I also have to restart like 5 times. Around a game restart every hour or hour and a half.

Sadly this game had a memory leak since release. If you watch the memory consumption of the game, it keeps increasing until resources are eaten. I don't know if they looked at it, but is easily verified by the Windows Task Manager app. The more areas you visit, the faster the game eats the memory. On a 32-bit windows under normal pre 1.4 patch it may give you 4-6 hours playtime.