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Money post and spot on. Bugs and errors happen, but they should own up to them. If these were purposeful changes then they should also admit that. Like "yes we think end game crafted gear is too cheap relative to the time taken to farm BH comms so we are decreasing the yield on rich missions to help elevate the price."

transparency goes a long long way

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I really think they have some kind of problem with versions management, the customer view is they have some chaos, after every patch we see things that as for patch notes were not touched in any way but they are totally screwed (check this post).

Maybe the coms cost and stats on implants, got the same issue, some one "fixed" them but for any reason the fix didnt hit live servers.

Any way, errors, bugs, mistakes, .... those happen, no prob with that, but the lack of fast communication and explanations is what gives us the image of chaos

Dear Joveth, Allison, ... here is where all those promises of improved communication we had some weeks ago should start to shine, there are lots of threads with bugs/errors/issues that 1.4 has brought us, please "get that bull by its horns", compile those "problems" and start explaining whats going on.
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