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Yes, it seems silly that you're ranged attacks are like point-blank abilities when you're guns and such. But that's not the point. The point is your essentially a melee-based class. If you want to play ranged and do the absurd dps you're doing then I would like to know how you balance that with a pure melee class that is the Marauder?
I would like to know that too...

But one thing I know is... as a trooper, if a marauder jump on me (even with gear that's worst than mine) with 3 or 4 hits i'll go down, because they have lots of defensive things and the leap as a gap closer.

Ok we have the harpoon, but that's one in around 45 sec ~ 1 min and it can jeopardize the attack that a fellow force user may be doing against another melee enemy because you wouldn't be getting close to the enemy (you >>> to >>> enemy) but instead you would be "taking" it away from your ally and then finishing his strike to the enemy.

To soften this problem with gap, I do agree that if those abilities keep nerfed in range we need Storm (Jet Charge) to close the gap.
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