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Yeah. Pretty much. It was great that everybody who wanted to do actual testing was able to copy their character over or make a new one and automatically level them to 50 and have end game gear given to them. Oh wait. That's another game I'm thinking about. My bad.
One question.
How can they be able to test a new operation mechanic if people have the latest top notch gear, which even in normal servers people sometimes go under gear?

There was no need for an end-game char with the highest lvl gear to test most of the features introduced in this patch (LFG changes, graphic changes, group loot changes, etc). That's gear may only be needed for raiding people that will test the new raid, and which probably already have the current highest gear anyway.

End game operation testing is for people that reach that current end-game status and has gear, not for any regular player that is probably "Ok" at dungeons, that break stunts on every pull because he don't know even that CC means, or is using the incorrect stats/gear (Operatives using AIM, heavy armor knights/warriors using medium armor). If you can't get past EV, then the others new or old operations are away from you.