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09.27.2012 , 11:56 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
Well, thanks to the latest patch we have more problems than we can shake a lightsaber at.
  • GTN broke... still.
  • Random freezes and drops
  • More weird graphics artifacts (like it wasn't bad enough before) left behind when people log out or QT
  • Disappearing taxis (hey, I'm Wonder Woman!)
  • Missing graphics in Space missions
  • Crafting schematics broken (now they let you learn them even when you know them, resulting in a loss of schematics that could have been traded)

And that's just the beginning. I hope they fix this stuff soon because right now the game is nigh unplayable.

The ones I highlighted in yellow I have experienced. The others, no. Though I don't mess with crafting schematics much so no comment there.

None of it makes the game "nigh unplayable", unless you have a hair trigger on your frustration threshold.

Meh.... it will all get fixed. Meanwhile... plenty to do in game, taxis blimping or not.
sayonara SWTOR. I will miss the game, I will miss many players, I will NOT miss being lied to and deceived. I will not miss rookie level mistakes of epic proportions.