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I can understand your frustration...honestly I do. I am saying to you right now though, the result of this will make your Group Finder Experience less desirable. Mark my words.

You will *still* have people drop from queues. You will still have people quit WZ's. It will not perceptively get any better. What you will notice on the other hand will be this...queue times are now going to start taking up to three times as long.

This "fix" has only caused more problems then it was worth.
As you've seen from my previous posts, i'm not all that crazy about grouping up with people who mainly PvP, because they always go into FP's with there PvP gear which bites for PvE'ing... This causes more wipes, longer times to complete the FP and more money for repairs...

I honestly don't mind if the FP ques take longer if it means I'm not pulling my hair out with frustration from people trying to do them without proper gear on.... Of course this is probably moot for under 50's as most pvp in their pve gear.... But for 50's it's a huge issue... I've actually had to quit HM FP's due to the wipes caused by PvP players not having the proper gear.

As for the under 50 FP's, I usually do them while I'm questing on planets so it's not a big issue if it takes 5 mins to pop or 1 hr to pop....
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