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In all these quick examples, you were doing more DPS in 1.3 than you are now in 1.4. There's not much you can do to regain that lost DPS either, it's just a fact. Is it a lot of DPS lost? Sometimes hardly anything, other times it is much more noticeable. The other melee classes/specs hardly got hit this way, it's Vanguard Assault specifically that got changed in a pretty substantial way.

TL;DR: With 1.4 the Vanguard Assault play style has been dramatically changed and our DPS in both PVE and PVP has been reduced.
That's good. PT's were OP in the DPS department. The fact that you could do maybe 30% (maybe more?) dps from ranged during specific mechanics where you couldn't be in melee on the boss isn't fair when people like marauders who don't have 30m range abilities literally had to sit there and do nothing, thus doing 0% damage during those points. I'm all for PT's doing their 1.3 damage if Marauders are the kings of DPS when they can stay connected to the boss the whole fight. Sadly, as you pointed out in your numerous examples, they can't and even if they could, PT's are still beating them. That makes 0 sense.