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I hate this change myself. On The Shadowhand I could get in 6 to 8 wz's before my HM queue popped. (1.5 to 2 hours) If it is a close match I won't leave, but if there is no chance of coming back, I am the only one who loses out by leaving.

There will be consequences to this change. The FP users will notice a drop in the amount people queue.

I myself refuse to sit around a wait at 50. I might as well get GW2 or go back to WoW for Mists of Pokemon.
You me we wont get matched up with PvP players wearing PvP gear who suck at PvE because they spend all their time PvP'ing?!? Sounds good to me
F2P is like driving on a long stretch of highway with toll booths every 1/2 mile