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I have to agree with others, I'm tired of the FP Que Finder popping and a person rejecting it because there ahead in a WZ match and dont want to leave, forcing me to wait even longer for a replacement player... The same thing when I'm in a WZ's, it's a tight game and then all of a sudden 2-3 people leave because their FP Que Finder popped...

And the argument that they are replaced instantly is not always true, sometimes yes but most of the time we have to we end up with a gimped team

Plus I'm sick of people in PvP gear trying to do HM FP's.... Especially Tanks wearing PvP DPS Gear.....
I can understand your frustration...honestly I do. I am saying to you right now though, the result of this will make your Group Finder Experience less desirable. Mark my words.

You will *still* have people drop from queues. You will still have people quit WZ's. It will not perceptively get any better. What you will notice on the other hand will be this...queue times are now going to start taking up to three times as long.

This "fix" has only caused more problems then it was worth.
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