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Umm, that's precisely what happened: they changed every hard stun's range to 10m (those that previously had a 30m range, of course; Dirty Kick is still a melee stun).
Yep. And honestly, it took about 10 mintues to adjust play style to deal with it in PvE, on multiple class types that I play.

People get so rigid in their game play. It's an MMO, class skills change over time in MMOs. There are a number of factors that hav to be balanced all at the same time. There is no optimal solution really.
Negativity achieves nothing positive or productive. It's hostile and it reveals a persons true character. It's a useless and miserable way to spend one's time, IMO ... but some people like being miserable I guess. This is true in real life and it is true inside MMOs.