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Fullauto hits for bupkiss as a PT. The only time to use that in PvE as a DPS is if there's a huge circle under the target or something. PT is most-definitely a 4-10m class in pve.

That said, the ability to activate 2 or 3 abilities outside that range made a gap closer unnecessary. Now that PTs can't do that, they need a way to get inside 10m quicker and they need it badly. I know this is a PvE post, but this was most-blatantly obvious the second I stepped in the huttball arena.

So basically, IR either needs to go back to 30m or PTs need Jet Charge absent speccing tank. TD is probably fine the way it is.
It pratically narrows down to what Kamikazekommando said above (#49) that the gap from 30 to 10 meters will considerably reduce our DPS since hammer shot (troopers) won't do that much damage that we're used to do before where we could IR + AP + HIB then spam HS.

If they won't change it back to what it was, then "Storm" (trooper) and "Jet Charge" (BHs) really need to be changed to a base ability other than a skill one from the tanking tree.
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