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I wonder what BW's devs have in their minds to nerf so drastically the range of two of the most used classes in the game, the Vanguards and the Powertechs...

I mean, both of them got 2 of the most powerful abilities nerfed in range... they've dropped from 30 meters to 10 meters!

I mean... WTH!!!???

Assault Vangs and Pyro Ptechs already don't have either a 1 min cc nor a gap closer and now this!

In my opinion (and I believe that's not only me that thinks like me) those two classes ARE NOT melee range classes... of course they have close quarters abilities (just like snipers / gunslinger and these are not melee classes) but that doesn't mean we need to be less than 10 meters close to the enemy all the time! Most of our abilities have a 30 meter range (hammer shot, full auto, sitcky grenade and many others).

To me, those classes are more like MEDIUM RANGE classes (15 to 25 meters), a step before the real ranged ones (snipers / gunslingers - 25 to 35 meters) and the melee ones (force users 15 and less).

So why the hell we're getting out abilities range nerfed?

All because of the PvP cry babies I supposed, because they can't work with tactic to take down vangs / ptechs and so they cry and cry over and over again to nerf the classes!

So BW, why don't you give us the ability to use sabers or swords already!???

Some may say that this is all QQ'ing, but it's not... I'm complaining (not crying around) about unfair changes to our abilities, changes that will affect PvE more than PvP...

People need to put into their minds that this game is not about PvP only, there are people like me that prefer PvE a lot more!

If there's a class to be nerfed that's the marauders, if one of those guys jump on you, no matter the kind of gear you have or how strong you are, with only 3 or 4 hits, you're down!

Or even better... work to fix the damn resolver bar, or whatever it is to make everything fair for everybody, because I've seen a lot of complaining about this matter too!

So BW, PLEASE, for God's sake...

Stop messing with our PvE experience!!!!
Fullauto hits for bupkiss as a PT. The only time to use that in PvE as a DPS is if there's a huge circle under the target or something. PT is most-definitely a 4-10m class in pve.

That said, the ability to activate 2 or 3 abilities outside that range made a gap closer unnecessary. Now that PTs can't do that, they need a way to get inside 10m quicker and they need it badly. I know this is a PvE post, but this was most-blatantly obvious the second I stepped in the huttball arena.

So basically, IR either needs to go back to 30m or PTs need Jet Charge absent speccing tank. TD is probably fine the way it is.