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I don't usually say this....but...

If what I am saying is a "WEAK COMPLAINT" then what in your opinion would be considered a valid "complaint"?

So you want to que for PVE and PVP and then when the PVE pops you want to just drop out of a warzone?
That is not cool bro.
I find that to be "weak" especially because the very second somebody drops from a WZ, there is somebody who replaces them...most often than not, faster than anyone even noticed they drop. I myself do not mind when somebody drops. I only mind when they rage quit. But whatever...I guess having that one person who quit when they are instantly replaced makes all the difference, right? Let me say, if that person made all the difference, then that person was carrying your team.

You can always do dailies while you wait, or make some friends and do stuff with them.
This is dead wrong. You can not team while in a are solo, thick and through, bud.

I have never had an hour long que.
You must not be DPS then. Or, you are speaking of HM FP's which everyone does every day for the BH Comms. Just because it does not happen to you, does not mean it will not start happening to you. I did not used to have to wait for 2 hours either. That has changed.

Maybe you are trying to que up during off hours or maybe your on everyones ignore list.
Do I honestly seem the type person to you who would make very many people's ignore lists? I can assure you, anybody who places me on their ignore list was has probably made it to my ignore list long before they had an opportunity to place me in theirs. I have little tolerance for stupidity.

People that log in at 8am on a wednesday often complain about the que times and the low population.
Hmmm...interesting. I had this issue all morning, all day and all night, yesterday... you can /roll your eyes all you want to, it makes your weak points more so.

I was amazed they allowed us to que both and even more amazed that we stayed in que for a flashpoint during warzones.
Really? That "amazed" you?

I am not surprised they FIXED this issue.
I'll bet you won't be surprised when you finally start to realize that "fixing the issue" has only created more and undesirable issues.
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