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Considering that everybody can continue to just spam hardmode flashpoints every day for 5 black hole commendations a time, let's not pretend this is a change designed to restrict better quality gear to those who run the top tiers of ops on hardmode or similar nonsense. It does nothing of the kind. All this does is slow down the rate at which you obtain commendations. That's it.

It's a fairly transparent means of dragging out the replay time of the newer content. Nothing more.
You still get BH comms for doing Operation Finder and for the new ones in completing the last boss. And, yeah, you can still do the daily HM FP's so you're correct this is slowing you down, but super-easy story-modes giving 30 (22 for operation + 8 for weekly completion) BH Comms for 1.5 hours of work in SM EC that was nerfed to make it super-easy is a lot less time involved than running HM FP's daily.

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Or, you know, do one random HM FP per day, or go visit EV/KP SM trough group finder, you know, things elitists do.
Yes, they are still giving incentive for doing daily HM FP's. They are still giving casuals access to end-game gear by not doing what raiders consider to be end-game content. However, SC EC is no longer considered end-game content as it was super-nerfed so I'm glad that they removed BH Comms from it. Making it more accessible to casuals to see the story-line and experience the content w/out giving them the same rewards is a step in the right direction.

If I had it my way BH comms would only drop from HM EC and HM TFB, but they're giving casuals some incentive for doing daily quests, and I'll settle for that. It just sounds like people who relied on SM EC for BH comms as a main source need to also settle as well.