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Yes, its more than enough. We have run Columi equiped full groups of alts fresh from hardmode flashpoint runs in and walked out fine.
The stat value between columi / rakata isnt a massive DPS or HPS or Aviodence / Hp / Mitigation and its not much higher going Rakata to BH/Campaign. I think when running mox dps parser i went from about 1300ish in non optimised gear without being fully augmented -> 1600ish in optimised gear with augments.
I call BS on this. HMEC is not a test dummy. 1300 DPS is pretty good against HM EC bosses in optimized campaign. In columi, it's probably impossible. In unaugged columi it's most-definitely impossible.

For example, 4 people ever have cleared Z&T with 1600 DPS and uploaded logs to AMR

No person has ever done so with Vorgath.