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Same as telling people that patch will be relesed in september, then delaying it. This week we got nothing about weekly maintenance until they decided to drop patch few hours later, because it was hard choice between delayed patch or bugged patch. Either way QQ incoming, but at least most bugs are not so bad.
ok, then fast solution: remove implant from vendor... do something, show community that you hear their feedback. On PTS forum there was a thread about shadows anbd fps dropping and after the patch they seems to discover that the patch caused an fps drop?!?
In the last 24 hours i submitted 8 tickets reguarding 8 different new bugs, just to discover that 4/8 were already posted in the PTS forum, and i haven't yet done an operation, neither a fp, neither a wz, i'm still crafting and using gtn on my ship. i try to search "advanced reflex augment 22" on GTN and it gives me 240 pages of results with all sort of items in there. I am very aware that any patch causes bugs, i'm ok with that, but you have already a problematic feedback from PTS, ok choose to implement what is ok or suffering only minor issues, delay the other things one or 2 week. I don't force EA/BW to deploy the next patch in 6 months, they promised it (and it became their problem). I didn't asked for a new stat search field on gtn, they offered it, perfect, or at least it is perfect as long this modification doesn't mess the most used search parameter: the name field. It is impossible for me to think that noone at BW noticed , before deployment, that searching anything by name on the GTN was (and still is) impossible, they were working on GTN issue today, have they tried to search anything? have they tested it?
I like this game, but BW has to listen community far better than this.