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Shava hit the nail on the head.
I have been gaming longer than most on this website (or even alive for that matter.
When I started D&D was about it and Avalon Hill. They complained about D&D not having enough content so the expanded and expanded. I have never played an online game until this one and I have seen both sides of the coin.

BUT...I hear a tremendous amount of complaining and B***HING because this is not done or that is not perfect.
In a game as large as this, with as many worlds, quests, npc's missions, Flashpoints, PVE AND PVP AND RPG you would think people would pull their selfish heads out of their backsides and be a bit more patient.

The problem is BW and EA have other games, missions etc and YET they keep coming out with content. It may not be what YOU want but it is coming. If they listened to ALL of you there would be NO content as it would be overwhelming. I have been playing for 8 months and I still love the game. Is it PERFECT?..NO, but will it improve?...YES.

Here is a hint...instead of whining, complaining, telling everyone what is wrong, try a detailed message to BW/EA and flesh out an idea. You know something? When you keep cutting down something, it starts to sour in others minds and any new people will look at this game and choose something else. Thus denying people a wonderful game and adventure.

If you think you have a better game, SUCK IT UP, PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES and THEN DESIGN IT YOURSELF!!!!!!
I thank BW and EA for a great game from the lowest person to the head designer. I am still having fun and if you are NOT then leave and SHUT YOUR PIE-HOLE.

Many here are worse than two 5 y.o's fighting over a truck when there are ten more trucks behind them.
BW and EA have some work to do still but be constructive and work with them but much of the blame lies on trollers and small minded people that will destroy ANY game because it is not absolutely perfect or what THEY think is perfect.

I know this my rant and rant I did so think next time. The people here are the main reason this will or will not fail. Give BW a reason to continue, not fail.

Cheers, DonK