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HM EC did? From what I read in the patch notes it only looked like SM EC got a real nerf. The only thing they changed in EM EC is that if you dps Toth and Zorn too fast is that it didn't skip a leap phase and go right into the next phase.
My bad, read that wrong. You are correct. But either way HM EC with a group of Rakata is doable. Not fun, but doable, and most guilds in right now will have a mix of rak/bh/camp/dread gear running it.

SM EC only dropped comms and one piece of BH at the end, I am pretty sure the last bosses will still drop the bh at the end in SM from what people were saying yesterday.

I agree, there should be more ways to get the BH comms with taking this avenue away from us, but all i am saying it is still doable. and the SM content is much easier across the board
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