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So I do play a Sith, and I have to agree that there are a lot of people who make things difficult. However, there are a couple of issues with the OP that I noticed.

Regarding the non-FS thing - that's Imperial culture. Do you have to bow to Sith and call them "my lord"? Yes, you do. That's protocol in the Empire. Hell, I play a Sith who's fairly light-side and a Revanite, and she still expects that level of respect. It's not about dominating others, it's about people seeing you as a leader and an important part of the Empire.

I've had bounty hunters come up to me and have a conversation, and when Latula (my Sith) gently reminds them that they should follow proper Imperial protocol when addressing Sith, have refused to do so. A different sort of Sith might have Force-choked him for that. It's considered having proper manners.

The Darth title - well, if a character is wearing it, you probably ought to respect his or her rank. Again, it's part of having manners in the Empire. If you don't like calling people "my lord" or having to RP yourself as ranking lower than a Sith, play Republic. It's part of Imperial culture.

I half-agree on the "Sith rules" stuff. If you have LS Jaesa she talks about meeting light Sith and how fearful they were about being found out. Latula is a light Sith and is so paranoid about being caught that she hired an agent to look out for her. It's very, very annoying and stupid to see some Sith walk up in a cantina and announce their light-sided philosophy to everyone. That being said, we do see plenty of examples of different types of Sith. Thanaton is the staunch traditionalist, Baras is the sneaky spymaster, Zash is a bookish liberal. There's many, many ways to be a Sith and they don't all involve rampantly Force-choking and murdering people. But they all do involve some degree of posturing because that's what being a Sith is all about.

Well said. I'd be more than happy to show proper respect to Sith as long as they didn't try the all powerful crap or enslavement. Those type of people give rp a bad name.
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