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The calibrating shots have always given a stacking buff that increases damage dealt and reduces damage taken, and at 8 stacks it has always granted an additional buff that gives them even more damage output. From the OP though it sounds like 8 stacks are making the droids literally invincible, which would be new (and frankly BS).

FWIW, I play a Vanguard tank, and I am the only person interacting with droid #2 until the rest of the group has burned #1 completely, and I'm reasonably sure noone helps me with interrupts once they have jumped over. I've worked out a pattern to my attacks such that droid #2 will only have 2 stacks by the time he dies, but it requires some fairly tight timing and if I get even a tiny lag hiccup (or have a brain fart) he could easily be at 4+. Droid #3 is often at 7 stacks by the time #2 is down.
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