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Wraiven: My comments about people declining queues was a general one. It wasn't targeted at you specifically. If the only reason you decline a queue is due to a bug, wonderful.

That's not how it goes for the rest, though. I think someone earlier in the thread illustrated that in a post about themselves (which is what prompted me to post originally). Simply taking people out of any queues when they accept/enter a FP or PvP match would solve this issue for everyone though, if people aren't considerate enough to do it themselves.
Ok, my apologies. I still disagree though. I feel it will cause more problems than it is fixing. I can vouch for myself here to say that I for one will no longer be using the queue system for lowbie Flash Points. I am one less body you have using the group finder. I am 100% positive I am not the only one.

Let me ask you a question, and please be honest...

Are you on a PvP server? If so, have you noticed the sting of the time it takes for a queue to pop for a flash point as a DPS player?

If your answer is yes, I can say with 100% certainty this was not the case pre 1.4. Queue times have tripled since 1.4.
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