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09.27.2012 , 10:10 AM | #38
To be fair, it is really 3 abilities that got nerfed in range. You can throw [High Impact Bolt] aka [Rail Shot] in as well. Since it requires the burn (usually applied from the now nerfed IR), we can't use that until we're in the sub 10m range now too. We're pretty much stuck doing our basic [Hammer Shot] aka [Rapid Shot] until we're in 10m range. Previously we had several GCDs of 30m abilities to use while we closed the gap to enable the rest of our rotation.

I'm really disappointed by this change, not because I think it nerfs my damage much, but mainly because it really changes the play style quite dramatically and I don't like how it feels now. It is quite different, there's no doubt about it if you play the class. I really loved the pre 1.4 Vanguard Assault class play style, and now I am quite a sad panda how they changed it to this degree.

For those claiming we still have ranged DPS abilities, you need to walk in our shoes for a moment. Explosive Round (lol) is worthless, standing still for 3s to use Full Auto isn't going to do much for our DPS and then while it's on CD we're still SOL and maybe lost ground, Sticky Grenade is quite weak compared to our 31pt ability so we don't want to use the CD over AP. Ok, Mortar Volley, sure, once a minute. That's it, there's all the ranged abilties we have. Fact is: Vanguard Assault class have 6 abilities on their rotation, 5 of them now can't be used until we're in the 10m range, leaving just 1 (our default shot), from the previous 4 pre 1.4... that's kind of a big change in play style if you ask me.

FWIW, I both PVE and PVP equally *A LOT* and while admittedly this certainly affects PVP much more, it has a very real impact on raiding too. It's not just a learning curve thing, I simply won't be able to perform as well as I did previously, that's just a solid fact now due to the first paragraph.