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I wasn't one making assumptions, I just repeated exactly what they said.
You focus on the second part i focus on the first part: "The side effect of PTS is that occasionally items that are not intended for live made it up there and unfortunately that specific item was the case of that".
If they are aware that one item has not to reach live it must not reach live.

Noone forced them to answer that question, they have choosen it, telling people "i know it has mistakes", and deliver it anyway is simply detrimental for them. They never changed an item statistics on live simply because it would case alot of complains, and it would be not fair, they lowered same prices on live, yes, but i really don't think that they need to be live to reduce a price, a number (or i have to think that the game mechanic really badly designed). They could also remove them from the vendor for 1-2 weeks until deciding how to preoceed but they didn't do that either.

To summarize: telling people that there is a bug in PTS and go live with the bug still there is simply self-damaging behavior. Do not talk about it or correct it in any way.