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Well I guess it's going to be that much harder to get already-geared guildmates to run SM EC or Nightmare KP to help get new guildmates geared now that there's no incentive to run those raids outside of pure altruism.
Guildies are supposed to help each other out. That's the way it works. Honestly, you could do a raid that's a mix of Mains/New People/Alts so that there's more incentive. If you have guildies who refuse to do old content to help gear out new people, then those probably aren't the right kind of guildies. So I don't count this as much of an excuse.

Plus, running SM EC and NM KP were only going to gearing my companions in BH gear. Even now, HM TFB BH Comms are only going to gear my comps still as the Hazmat Implants are trash for Marauders.