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Wraiven: If you're declining queues constantly because you're in a PvP match, you might as well not queue at all, as it's little different in the end and you aggravate people less especially when you could simply leave the other queue you're in as soon as the one pops if you know you're probably going to decline the next one while you're busy anyway.

Unfortunately, that's not what people are doing and I find it somewhat inconsiderate (and I don't believe it's always a "bug" that leads people to do this.) Perhaps Bioware should code the Group Finder to automatically remove anyone from the other queue as soon as they accept the one that pops, so they can queue again once their match ends.

ProsaicProse: When did I ever say that I was declining a queue? Where in any of the literature that I have typed, did you get that I was declining a queue for PvE? In fact I stated just the opposite. Why do I waste my time typing, when people refuse to read or comprehend what I am saying? what I type before's insulting when you put off an idea to the readers that was never written by myself. If gives a false impression of what I am saying in this thread and makes it difficult for me to express my point. When you do not read what I typed, and then decide to put words in my mouth that was not there, it tends to give others the wrong idea about my post...especially those who they themselves do not read through all the pages.

Now, if that was not directed at me specifically, and was more a generalization, then I apologize for my previous rant. I still disagree with your interpretation of why people are declining, but apologize none the less.
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