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09.27.2012 , 09:47 AM | #29
Just for the sake of claiming a world first, here is Barely Lethal's server and probably world first kill of 8man HM Writhing Horror w/proof. Sorry I didnt have the boss targeted, I thought the purple beam would be enough. If you need more proof, I can log on my Juggernaut (Titan, the i is alt+0236) on US Jedi Covenant, and screenshot the codex entry. I also posted on our server forums here.. and heres a link to thread:

Going off the worldclock Greenwich Borough time you link, the time of the kill was September 26th, 16:56pm. In the screenshot, the time of the kill by US CST timezone is 10:56 AM.

The screenshot:

Link to the news post on our website that I posted approx. 15 minutes after the kill:

I know its not a big deal since all the content was cleared on the PTS, and (for example) more skilled guilds than us like Astral have cleared all 8man HM TFB in the first day, but its a pretty cool accomplishment for our little daytime raiding guild.

Thank you.

-edit oh, if you need to get in touch with me, just message me via enjin profile: