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Not all of us have full rakata. and besides it is not about that we have to do hardmode to get gear it is about they removed it without saying.
Are you sure it's not about the gear? To be honest, I like where they're going with this.

Back in ye old days of WoW, there were people who weren't in hardcore guilds who didn't get to see end-game raids and complained that they pay the same amount so they should be entitled to see the same content even if they had no business being in those places because they weren't very good or organized. The hardcore elitists complained that it's not fair to give some casuals the same loot when they're not working hard (or as hard as the elitists to get said gear).

Well, here's the solution:

The Casuals - Get to see all end-game content now. Want better gear? Then up your play and do what the Elitists do and run hard mode operations. If it's about content, you have it. If it's about gear, then work for it.

The Elitists - Get to have their gear distinction for trying harder so they can feel like the earned something they worked harder for.

This should make both groups happy.