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09.27.2012 , 09:19 AM | #28
Sorry, but I don't feel PT and Vanguard DPS pain. Gap-closers or not your DPS is stupidly high. I play a marauder and I'm generally high on the charts, but if there's a competent PT in my raid he's going to beat me, hands down. It was annoying during phases where I can't close the cap (such as tanks in EC HM under the shield or backing out during Toth leaps or now sitting in the stupid color circle in Operator IX) where I'm stuck at melee range.

I find it lame that I have 3 trees all for DPS, but a class that can play DPS or Tank can output more DPS and still do it from ranged. So you may not be able to close the gaps, but you have a few abilities that you can do that's > melee range while you're closing the gap on the mob.