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I play way more PVP than PVE and I think most of the class changes since 1.2 weren't needed at all. But people whining about other people whining is just lol.

Btw. quit complaining about PVP relics being something like BiS for PVE and you'd need them so hard that you HAVE to play warzones.

Best armorings were from PVE since 1.4... And if you don't want to PVP than don't get the relics, thanks. I'd HAVE to raid if I want to continue with crafting atm., but thanks to all the whining and whining gear will soon be so seperated that all I can do is continue playing the great PVP grind.

Whatever, SWTOR was balanced until 1.2 because it wasn't. Now all you can do is to adapt to the changes and live with it OR play on the PTS and make as many threads as you can which Bioware won't read.

Like I said earlier, the whining is on both sides and this thread is the perfect example of it.
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