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Nope, actually, only thing BW said was that those imlants are not supposed to go live. What you got here is very common case of assuming player conclusions as BW words. Because without removal of comms that wans't in patch notes, there would be significant influx of those.
Let's reduce the assumpions ratio to minimum ok? Doing that it is clear that they promised to change "something" before going live, one can have thought they were going to change the price others that they are going to change the implants stats other they were going to remove the implants from the vendor, choose which one do you prefer or add an other one, the problem is that implants are notmodified in any way (stats and price are not changed) and they are in the live game.
THey ahd the possibility to choose the questions from the forum, as they prefer, they have choosen to answer that one, and they promised "something" without delivering it and, above all, without letting us know why are they not doing as promised.
I'm ok with 350 BH comms price, also with 7000 BH comms, i can choose if they worth the effort or not. But I don't understand why they expose themselves and not keep their promises and don't communicate.
Ok, they are increasing communication, but if i can't trust that communication it is not useless, it becomes worst than no communication at all.