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09.27.2012 , 07:26 AM | #1
Did you ever hear a Sage say "ooooo, I have to much distance on my Force Stun, please mr. programmer reduce the it?[B] NOT

So, who was complaining? Could it be some Imperial PvPer, whiners that they are, that was complaining of being stunned for a whole 6 secs?

I play a healer sage, one of my moves a Force Stun, had its distance reduced not by 1/2 but by 2/3's. I spent extra tree points just so the cool down would be less. It is the only tool, I have if I am being pummeled in a OPs, to briefly halt the onslaught, so I can re-coop. It used to be 30m now it's 10m, it renders it almost useless. Why, even have it?

WHY MUST I BE PENALIZED because some PvPer whined that they think it is to unfair?

To hell with them and give my Force Stun back. Why should I even have to spend 2 points to reduce its cool down to begin with?