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I will say, I'm quite disappointed with the range reduction of electrocute. As my main is an assassin tank, I now have ZERO ranged abilities that can do damage. The single-target taunt is now the only thing I can effectively use on a boss in the 20-30m range (since you can't pull bosses).

That said, I think I'll live. We all will. Maybe some more than others as we all get used to it, and remember that these moves don't work like they used to.

As a decently balanced pvp/pve player... I usually do about 2/3 pve and 1/3 pvp, so I can see the arguments and their validity for both sides of this debate. I'm not gonna get into gross detail here, but I wanna bring some points to mind for people to think about.


For pvp (I'll get to pve in a second), this whole argument that ranged players HAVE to only have ranged abilities overlooks the fact that we're trying to balance classes here. Even if we forget the fact that many say pyrotech pt's and assault vg's are far and away the most OP pvp class in the first place, (which is a BIG point, mind you), if ALL of a ranged player's attacks can be executed effectively from range, that puts the melee classes at a HUGE disadvantage. Why? Why do you think? Range gives a player more options. And, simply by staying farther back, you can concievably DESTROY a melee player without them ever being able to TOUCH you. Sure, melee players have closing moves, but they're useless if you're stun-locked and killed before you can use them.

All this means is when a melee player DOES get in range of you, you STILL have your stun than you can now use on them, as opposed to having used it earlier. And, well, these shortened, yet still powerful moves are now no longer on cooldown, so you can punish them for getting in so close.


Okay, now, for pve. First of all, you can't expect me to believe your entire reportoire of dps attacks are now all of a sudden melee attacks because two moves have their range shortened. There's still, what, all the others? Many of which also got buffed and do more damage. Read the patch notes, a LOT of other moves were tweaked.

That said, I don't have a pyro pt, so maybe I'm wrong there. But I KNOW I'm not wrong about this, and I know just about every pve player can agree, whether they like the changes or not:


It's apparent that reducing the range of these few attacks are making ranged dps harder than it used to be. So, change your tactics and get better. ^_^ What's wrong with a little more challenge, especially when it now makes some of your other guild mates, (such as your marauders and deception assassins, OR your own melee alts) less likely to be passed over when looking for dps raid slots. Why? They're, comparatively, less of a hindrance now that ranged dps is a little harder.