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Well, I can cheer cause I think the Group Finder sucks anyway and I really really don't want it in any game. It was a disaster when it was implemented in WoW and it has not been any better here.

BUT - moving on, what is the problem of doing this:

Queue for both.
PvP pops - do the PvP match.
Queue for both.
PvP pops - dot he PvP match.
Queue for both.
Perhaps a flashpoint pops?

Is that a huge problem?

Edit, addition:
After thinking about it, an even better way would be that you cannot get invited to a group of PvP while doing FP or invited to a FP while doing PvP, but you remain on the top of FP list if one should have popped for you while you were doing a WZ.

What I mean is that you keep your queued time but the pop can only happen between FP/PvP for the other.
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