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Or do something more logical like try to adjust their poor behavior through discussion. Your suggestion that our only option is "quit" is incorrect. It's borderline trolling in fact.
Never ONCE in my post did i use the word "only". My suggestion of Quiting was in responce to your,

'Their inability to understand this sort of thing is why people stopped paying"

IF they lack the ability to understand, no amount of explanation is going to help, for they LACK THE ABILITY. Have you ever tried to explain physics to a severely mentally challenged person. Its not going to work, cause they lack the cognitive ability to understand physics. So if EA lacks the ability to understand whatever it is you believe to be their poor behavior , no amount of explainings gonna do cause in your words "THEY LACK THE ABILITY"

Is it your hope that if people continue to throw money at them till they see the light and change their evil ways ?

Trolling, your opinion. I'd explain further but after reading some of your other post i believe i'd be trying to expain physics to a severely mentally challenged person and i'm not one for wasting my time.