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09.27.2012 , 06:09 AM | #49
I was un-excited about this update but I have to say fair play for some basic but valuable improvements:

Respwns on Dailies - much better.

Reduced costs for transferring mods and armouring - fantastic.

Companions don't look like muppets ...well they are always gonna look bad compared to my lovely characters but at least you can now see their faces so that the credits spent on varying their appearance aren't wasted.

Only thing I am not sure about is the animation on the Trooper's Grav Round - the starting point is kinda hard to hear but its probably better for group play even though I loved the sound of the old one.

Reducing the stuns for PVP play must make the gameplay better - those that say its horrible are probably those that were owning Recruits with Force Chokes and stuns rather than clever fighting.

Keep up the efforts Bioware they are appreciated...and roll on some new world events please - I love 'em!