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So... you can't play your class anymore because one or two abilities got 20m reduced range? LOL

I don't know why people want to seperate PVP and PVE in MMOs lol. It will only reduce the number of people you can play your game with.
It's not like "Oh one or two abilities had their range nerfed!"... they're the best abilities we have in the assault tree (except the cryo grenade) that can keep us alive longer because thay do a lot of damage.

And the thing is not to separate PvE from PvP as whole but it's to separate how the abilities work on both worlds... in PvE, range nerfing is a HUGE change that can (YES) jeopardize the gameplay for a lot of people as it is jeopardizing my performance now, since I was used to one thing for a loooooong time and now I have to change my learning curve drastically.

You may not believe it, but yes... it's true.

Quote: Originally Posted by KurganNazzir View Post
Funny-ish anecdote, I was playing my Vanguard earlier and forgot Cryo Grenade was shortened by 20m and I almost died. Oops.
That's what I'm trying to say... this range nerfing is jeopardizing our PvE gameplay.

Yesterday I was running False Emperor with some guildies to do the daily HM flashpoint and when we encountered that boss that's on the middle of a bridge (a trandoshan with a sword) and started the fight, I had to be so close to him to use my abilities (unlike before where I could keep myself safe around 20 meters) that when he swung his blade twice next to me (even the tank trying to keep him away from us) he killed me instantly... our healer didn't even had the chance to heal me.

Quote: Originally Posted by SleepyJoeFriday View Post
Nice to see that many player "stun" abilities have a range nerf and yet npc range hasn't! That smacks of a change for PvP without thought of PvE.
This is my complaint, but people seem to be so stubborn that say I'm whining for nothing which is not true... we are having our gameplay in PvE jeopardized because of these changes.

Quote: Originally Posted by Artemicon View Post
This change effectively has made Powertechs a melee class. If you gonna stand in range for Thermal you might as well get in their for rocket punch etc.. So for fights like Zorn and toth in EC and the robot droid in Lost island, I have to be considered a melee to do Damage now. GG bioware GG
Someone here agrees with me... BHs and Troopers, in my honest opinion, aren't supposed to be in melee range... to me, they're the step before the really ranged classes (from 25 meters and more) right after the melee classes (4 ~ 15 meters).

With the old range, I could safely put myself around the 20 meters and do a lot more damage than I'm doing now.

If we were really supposed to be in melee range, we should be using swords and sabers and not rifles and pistols.

Quote: Originally Posted by Zonixa View Post
Quit blaming Bioware for everything that EA is/has done to this game. BW exists in name only and the blame is 100% on EA. EA should give the game back to the original BW company and quit the gaming industry completely... they SUCK!!!
We know that it's EA fault and stuff, but unfortunately the (what we call here in Brazil) "Iron Forehead" to solve things, change things and deal with customers is Bioware.

If we complain with EA they won't give a damn about what we say.

Quote: Originally Posted by Esproc View Post
They nerfed the class out of many of the ACs over the months and always claimed it wasn't for PvP, yet after that one sentence it was all about this and that in PvP.

Make up you bloody minds!

I thought this was supposed to be a STORY intensive MMO and that means PvE.

Stop killing the PvE experience for the PvP whiners that couldn't win against an open doorway.
Thanks God there are people in this game that are looking the whole mess this nerf is doing and agrees with me!

Quote: Originally Posted by Lunesca View Post
I may not speak for the majority here, but I find playing just 1 warzone match totally insufferable. I don't pvp in this game, at all. It's simply not how I would choose to spend my time here. Why should 100% pve folks have to pvp to get the BiS pve gear?
You can speak for myself in this sentence because this is right how I feel now...

I don't play PvP at all most of the times, only in the situations I said before:

1 - I want WZ comms to get a gun or a set of PvP clothes that I think that looks nice and I would like to use in PvE (Just like now I'm levelling a Gunslinger and there are two pieces of gear there that I want. I'll PvP to get comms for them and then never more again);

2 - When the PvP manager from my guild is setting a team for ranked or non-ranked WZs and they really need one more guy to complete it. THEN I would go but only when I'm sure they cannot find another person to fill the gap (since when I applied to this guild I am now, I left it well clear that I'm not fond to PvP - except the reasons I'm explaining now - and that I wouldn't participate in WZs).
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