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Quote: Originally Posted by alifaraaz View Post
Probably not a bug. Was reported several times on PTS.
Just because something was reported several times on PTS and ignored doesn't mean it's not bug, sad but true(unless for example consuming already known schematics before displaying error message is intended).

Quote: Originally Posted by alifaraaz View Post
If Im not mistaken it's attempting to keep Storymode nice and casual but in return also keeping the rewards light. It's also likely to make sure people keep using the Group Finder to farm BH comms as well as making sure nobody can gather BH comms too quickly. No proof to support this, just an educated guess.
But you know, it means if all you want is a stroll, you're better off doing EV/KP from group finder than new content. Gearing after Rakata? Also EV/KP from finder. Currently they shifted comms gearing for Ops(assuming your group needs some BH to progress trough HM EC/TFB) from ops content to solo group finder. You want some BH? then better not do 'harder' EC/TFB SM, but use group finder and do EV/KP of random FP. This does not slow down gearing, it just makes it more boring.

Also, EV/KP (most likely, honestly haven't ran them since patch) still will drop Columi comms. Then why EC/TFB won't drop any of those? Comms were 'invented' as consolation prize if you did not get any good loot, removing them entirely is just stupid.