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09.27.2012 , 05:58 AM | #21
It's not ONLY Charged Burst, it's also Quick Shot and Lucky Shots Now I have 4-5 abilities that have the same lame Piow Piow Piow sound. I'm a Gunslinger but those sound like water pistols!!
Come on now! You seriously erased those sounds? I just hope it was not on purpose.... How lame will that be Anyway FIX IT!
Some say that it's good, it's less flashy NO IT'S NOT! It's just terrible and hardly unfair to be the only Class with the same sound for 4-5 abilities.

A Patch is supposed to make things better..... not worse.
Here is proposition to make everyone happy!

Please stop messing with my Game-play! Please restore ASAP the old sounds. Cheers....
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