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Wow. This definitely sounds like something reserved for nightmare mode. That's exciting!

Treating it as a nightmare mode mechanic, it sounds like your healers would have to put in some effort with interrupting. Try the following composition for interrupts, per droid:

Tank, Heals
DPS (Marauder preferred), Heals

Most classes have a 12s interrupt. Jedi Knights, Sith Warriors, Vanguards, and Pyrotechs have an 8s interrupt. The droid starts casting Calibrating Shot at roughly every 6s after being interrupted. Theoretically, you should be able to interrupt all of them between two people. Even if that's not possible, the amount of stacks can be reduced by half with the addition of another interrupter.

As someone who has healed EC HM before, the droid phase is not healing intensive. In this instance, you just need to find the time to work an interrupt in your rotation against a 0.5 cast time window.

Good luck!
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