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An hour or two later...

Mandalorians cheer as I walk past out of the cave. I like victories.

The light of day is blinding after the liberating dark of the festering cave. Gault didn't like the cave so much. Neither did Mako. She gizka-d out and stayed behind, hidden from the sight of the Mando's outside. Once she was out of ear shot Gault was quick to jump down my throat and force himself under my skin. Think it was the only reason he stuck with me for the fight.

He nudges my ribs playfully and grins in his mocking way. 'You got a thing for the blonde one, don't you?'

Before Gault can process what's happening, his arms are behind his back and his kneeling on the ground, my lips at his ear. 'Want to say that again? Didn't quite catch it.'

'Hey hey. No need for the hostilities. Want to get close to me only have to call my name.' I snort and push him into the ground as I let go and stand up. I keep walking through the cave toward the vociferous noise. Gault stumbles after me. I knew he would.

'So come on. You do, don't you? I saw you two looking at each other. I was born very, very far away from yesterday. If he had been looking at you with anything hotter, Drumond Kaas would be the new Tatooine. So come on. Stop being so silent. Talk to Uncle Gault about it.'

I stop and let Gault run into me. I hold my gun under his chin and look into his eyes. 'If Uncle Gault wants to live, I suggest he shut the **** up now while he still has a jaw. The beast is in the next cavern.'

I move to the wall and walk along it noiselessly. Gault comes up beside me and I whisper the plan as I eye the beast. 'Right behind you. Far, far behind you,' he whispers back.

'No different from usual then.' He begins to sneak to the other side of the cavern, far from the action when he stops on my whisper.

'And Gault: nudge me, touch me, hit me, kick me or poke me again and you will lose all eleven fingers. Say anything like that again and you will find yourself missing three horns and one of them won't be growing back. Do I make myself clear, 'Uncle' Gault?'

He nods and grumbles curses and abuse under breath when he thinks I can't hear. I can. But they amuse me for now. When he is in position, we attack the beast.


Cadera is the first to see us. 'She's back.' The words seem to burst out. His voice has excitement and pleasure. The others turn, slightly startled. 'How'd it go?' Slightly more cool. I wink at the kid. I pretend it doesn't pull my chest. It's easier to pretend.

'Find another hunting spot. I just made this one a bone yard.' I am proud and arrogant. A small task really. I pretend my ears did not bleed and my body didn't strain under its attack. It's easier pretending.

His friend is outraged. It makes sparing him worth it. I am amazing. And the day will come when the galaxy knows it. 'How did you kill it when so many of my clan have failed?'

I don't reply. I spit at his feet. A practiced and precise move. I smirk. Constant underestimation.

Cadera leads the others into a cheer. 'Hail to the victor! Oya!'

I just walk away.