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09.27.2012 , 03:20 AM | #26
This is a Major blow to my gameplay. At level 50 I waited over 3 hours tonight for a group finder pop and it never came. I don't really know what is holding bioware back from doing cross server at this point. Do I PVP or PVE? since i can't do both. I would rather PVE except I can't because by the time i get a group and finish the instance i'm 4 hours of gameplay in. How many people seriously have 5 hours of gameplay in them a day to finish one hard mode? Even Blizzard laughed at bioware for not doing something that is considered standard operating procedure by cross servering warzones and instances. I really love this game ive stuck with it since beta. But if 5 hours a day of staring at the computer unable to go afk waiting for a group is the only thing i can do in my progression then the good times are over. I seriously don't want to go play guild wars or panda land but what options are we being given? If you don't want us to leave pvp for pve then make it so we can PVE and don't have to pvp just to waste some time.