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I'm in one on Sith side. We have a few (7-8) 50's (that all have multiple 50 alts) with more coming up that will do HMs with 2-3 pugging ops, but it's not really a concern. Some casual PvPers (none do ranked as far as I know) with some pretty dedicated crafters that have no deadlines.

No application, no website, no voice server. Pretty liberal access to the guild vault. Not too much swearing in guild chat. When peeps act like rotten kids, they get booted... doesn't matter about their gear or "accomplishments". Laid back and relaxed support structure for people who want to play the way they wish. Any member can invite. After years of raiding, crafting, running people through stuff, running the gear treadmill, having to log on at specific times so I could treat a game like a job, it's a refreshing change.

If you ever want to chat in game, feel free to hit me up: Kalibos, Amendrous, Cal'mina, Kol'than, or Sobilak.
Our guild leader's toons: Onic, Daunted, Mungus, Sneakypoo

We give hardcore people who have joined us headaches due to our pacing and "eh" attitude. Can't beat the game so may as well enjoy the ride, right?
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